Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions relate to booking your event and attending your event. These terms and conditions relate to all event arranged, managed, hosted by Locked In Rooms Ltd regardless of where the events are held, promoted or sold by.


By booking onto an event, you confirm that:
You agree to follow all rules, regulations and professional verbal direction that may be given at any time to ensure your safety during the event/s.
You are aware of the terms and conditions for this event including late arrivals, fitness and medical requirements, cancellation policy and violent or aggressive behaviour.
You also agree to not sharing specific information about the event that you are about to attend.


BOOKING ONTO AN EVENT: You are entirely responsible for entering your details correctly on the Online Booking Form on the website. All booking updates (including information, reminders and confirmations) are sent by email only. If you do not receive any emails or the email is corrupt in anyway (blank or otherwise), please contact the info@locked-in.co.uk.
BOOKING BY VOUCHERS: These vouchers can be redeemed on our booking system; we only accept voucher codes that are live and within date. Confirmation of a successful booking will be provided by email.


This is a live event game and once the booking is confirmed, we cannot accept any cancellations or give any refunds. We may however reschedule your booking if the cancellation is unavoidable.

CANCELLATION BY US: If an event is cancelled by us, we will contact those affected and endeavour to achieve a satisfactory resolution, e.g: change date of reservation or refund. We will also endeavour to ensure that we contact everyone affected promptly however if your contact details are not correct, we are not liable for any lack of contact.
UNPAID BOOKINGS: If payment has not been received during the booking process or at least 24 hours prior to the event, Locked In rooms Ltd reserves the right to cancel or offer any unpaid for places. We will endeavour to contact the Booker and/or participants to inform with as much notice as possible; however we are not liable if contact has not been successful.
TRANSFER BOOKING: If you wish to transfer your booking(s) into someone else’s name, you must contact the company by either email or telephone at least two hours prior to the start of your booking.
LATE ATTENDANCE: The game timer will be started 10 minutes after your booked time. A booking can become a no-show and entry would be declined if the team is late 15 minutes or more of the booked starting time. In such a situation the money is not refundable and the booking is not changeable.
NON ATTENDANCE: If you fail to attend an event for which you are registered and have not given us prior notice then you shall not be entitled to any refund, transfer or otherwise pursuant to our refunds policy.
NON TRANSFERRABLE: Bookings may not be transferred or resold for commercial purposes or at a premium. If a booking is transferred or resold in breach of this condition, the bearer of the booking or the person claiming the right to attend the event will be refused admission.
WEATHER: The event is indoors and will not be cancelled for bad weather. If the weather is extreme (as an example – heavy snow fall) and we are forced to cancel, we will endeavour to contact all participants with as much notice as possible. We will then make arrangements directly to either transfer bookings to another session or make reasonable arrangements.


Our event member of staff our dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants and staff.
NON PARTICIPATION DURING AN EVENT: If the participant decides for whatever reason to excuse themselves from the event either at the beginning or during an event without any reasonable justification, then the Event member of staff will ensure the customer understands that they waive their right to any remedial activity.
BEHAVIOUR AND CONDUCT: While you are on our premises we will not tolerate drunken, abusive or aggressive behaviour, alcohol or illegal drugs (the substance or paraphernalia). Locked In Rooms Ltd does not tolerate any kind of bullying or harassment towards its employees.
BEVERAGES: Drinks and food may not be brought into the event and into the room.
FITNESS AND MEDICAL: You are required to let a member of the team know if you have a medical condition that we should be made aware of.


The price of a game is stated on the website.
The price is set according to group (up to maximum 8 persons).
Locked In Rooms Ltd accepts all major credit and debit cards using Stripe Online Payment Processing.


The game is designed for a team of 2-8 people per room.
Children at the age of between 10-15 have to be accompanied by at least 1 adult per event, children under the age of 10 are not permitted to attend. The company expects visitors not to disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to the public.


Everyone at Locked In Rooms Ltd is dedicated to safeguarding and preserving your privacy when visiting our site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


We may use photographs taken at events in publicity and marketing materials, including use on our site. Your attendance at an event may mean that you are featured in such photographs and you are deemed not to object to the taking of such photographs as detailed above. If you do not wish to be included in any photograph, please notify the member of our staff at the relevant event prior to the photographs being taken


Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to affect your statutory rights.
We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions.
The trademarks and logos displayed on the website are the property of the company. You are not permitted to use these without a written consent of the company and you accept that any such use may constitute an infringement of the relevant proprietor’s rights.


If you need to contact the company you can do so using any of the following methods:
Email: info@locked-in.co.uk
Telephone: 07912 863090 or 07948 572837