Re-opening June 2021

Our Booking Flow is now open and taking bookings for June onwards

Until we do reopen why not checkout our Online Escape Rooms for just £15

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Folkestone's Biggest Escape Rooms

Physical and mental challenges for groups of 2 to 8 players

Can You Escape In Only 60 Minutes?

Work Together To Problem Solve

Solve Challenging Puzzles & Riddles To Escape

The Experience

What Locked In Folkestone has to offer

Locked In's - Blitz Escape Room

Make A Wartime Escape

The Bunker - A deserted bunker offers temporary relief from fleeing the enemy, but for how long? (my guess, 60 minutes)

Asylum Room

Almost Time For Your Procedure

Asylum - Accused of being an escapee, can you get out before your scheduled procedure?

Monkey Intrigued About Folkestone Escape Rooms


Gather your group (young, old, tall, short....), anyone ready for a challenge and book your experience

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